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How Healthcare Literacy is Hurting Small Town America

By Farin Cloyd

Healthcare and insurance is complex, and American people are struggling to find the right coverage for them. Insurance agencies everywhere are failing to fully educate their clients about their healthcare coverage, which makes healthcare more expensive and less effective than it should be.

At Simple Choice Insurance Brokerage, PLLC., we are committed to making insurance a simple choice. We dedicate our lives to making sure that you are fully and completely covered, and we have the track record to prove it.

Recently, our agency worked with a woman in a small, Arkansas town. It was clear that no one was reaching out to small cities to educate their citizens about Medicare and their healthcare options. This client had been on Medicare for 4 years, but she was not informed that she needed a Medicare Advantage plan or supplement to have optimal care. She battled outrageous out-of-pocket costs for doctor visits, medication, and dental appointments.

We reviewed her plan, and she nearly cried when she heard the plan that we put together for her. With our plan, she is now able to visit her primary care physician for absolutely no out-of-pocket cost. Previously, she was paying roughly $864 for medicine, but now she will have no out-of-pocket costs for her prescription.

Educating the public about their healthcare choices is imperative. That is why we aim to make your choice informed and simple. If you are ready to learn more and make sure you have the coverage you deserve, visit our website here.