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Short-Term Care Plans

Short-term care health insurance is often worth it for those who want a health plan in case of emergency or need immediate coverage. Want to explore your options? Check important details here. 

What is short-term health insurance?

The typical short-term care insurance policy provides coverage for 1 year or less. Individuals seeking health coverage during transition periods may find that short-term health insurance is an affordable option. Simple Choice Insurance can assist you in determining whether a short-term health insurance plan is right for you and shopping for the best available short-term plans.

Short-term care health insurance can be a good option for people who are healthy and do not need health services or have regular prescription needs. Short-term health insurance is often worth it for those who want a health plan in case of emergency or need immediate coverage. 

How much does short-term health insurance cost?

Short-term care plans are typically much less expensive than major medical plans.  Short-term plans start at $55 per month*, compared to at least $225 per month for major medical coverage*. 

*This is based on eHealth’s average pricing for plans, however actual prices vary depending on zip code, age, gender, and other factors. Get a personalized quotation to explore what options are available to you. 

What does short-term health insurance cover?

The type of short-term care health insurance you receive will depend on the plan you select. The majority of short-term insurance plans will pay for unrelated emergency medical visits, specific prescription prescriptions, and some hospital stays.

Most short-term health insurance plans do not cover things like maternity care, mental health, and pre-existing diseases.

The same protections and essential health coverage are not provided by short-term plans as they are by Affordable Care Act plans.

Short-term insurance policies could also feature waiting periods during which specific pre-existing conditions are not covered. You can lose coverage for some conditions that develop into pre-existing conditions if you end one term of a short-term plan and then begin another. Additionally, you might be required to restart any deductible or waiting period restrictions in your plan if you do this. In some circumstances, you might not be able to renew your short-term policy or buy another one after it expires. Short-term insurance policies typically include a cap on how much they will cover in total.

To understand the restrictions on your coverage, be sure to thoroughly read the details of your plan. The preceding summary is only meant to serve as a broad guide; to learn more about your plan’s coverage, limits, and limitations, you must examine its official documents.

Who qualifies for short-term health insurance?

To qualify for short-term health insurance, you will most likely be required to complete a health questionnaire and disclose any pre-existing conditions, which may preclude you from obtaining coverage through a temporary health insurance plan. Some insurance companies may also disqualify you if you:

  • are pregnant;
  • are currently insured under another policy;
  • are a man who weighs more than 300 pounds or a woman who weighs more than 250 pounds;
  • have been diagnosed with, or treated for, HIV or AIDS;
  • qualify for Medicaid;
  • are not a U.S citizen;

Please keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list of all the reasons you might be disqualified for a short-term plan. Plan qualifications will differ depending on the carrier.

Short-term insurance provides temporary coverage while your permanent coverage is lapsed, protecting you from costly medical bills caused by unforeseen health changes or emergencies. If you meet the following criteria, you may be eligible for short-term health insurance:

  • Change jobs;
  • Lose employer-sponsored coverage;
  • Are waiting for the annual Open Enrollment Period;
  • Attend out-of-state college; and
  • Other specific instances. 

You can participate in a range of activities or occupations with the proof of coverage that temporary health insurance can give you. Our certified insurance advisers will locate the ideal plan for you if you require temporary coverage!

Affordable Rates

Compared to other plans, short-term insurance can have low, affordable premiums.

Peace of Mind

Don’t fly without a safety net. A short-term health insurance plan can help you bridge the coverage gap.

Quick Approval

Many applicants are approved and get proof of insurance quickly, sometimes on the spot.

Flexible Terms

Short-term insurance can cover you for 30-90 days in most states.

Get quick short-term health insurance coverage with:

  • Easy applications
  • Modest premiums
  • Instant coverage

Temporary health insurance plans do not typically provide the same level of coverage as long-term health insurance. They do, however, offer emergency coverage for those who are unable to enroll in an ACA-compliant plan or who require temporary coverage before their long-term health insurance plan kicks in.

Simple Choice Insurance team of experienced agents are here to help you find the right plan, and can also help expand your coverage to include dental and vision insurance.