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Retirement Care

Retirement Care

Whether you are an independent senior looking for assistance with things like cooking or cleaning, someone who needs personalized day-to-day help to live more comfortably, or you have a loved one who needs care or support with dementia, we have options that will meet your specific needs and provide you the peace of mind you deserve. Keep reading to learn more. 

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    What are the Retirement Care options?

    Whatever your current situation or situation you plan for in the future, there are various options to help you achieve your needs. Check the options here.  

    Independent Living 

    Independent living can provide seniors with a fulfilling lifestyle that allows them to age in place. It’s ideal for active older adults who want to live on their own, while still receiving assistance from trained staff members. 

    Independent living is a lifestyle that might include a variety of simple services such as 24-hour security, housekeeping, recreational activities and outings, and even the availability of à la carte dining for an additional fee. Seniors who choose an independent life typically require no personal care and seek social engagement, comfort, and the peace of mind that comes with living in a safe community. 

    Retirement communities provide a variety of independent living options, including retirement living suites with kitchenettes, senior apartments with complete kitchens, townhouses, cottages, and bungalows. 

    Looking for a carefree lifestyle that doesn’t include the usual maintenance, gardening, or snow shoveling that comes with owning a home? Would it help you to live in a community where you can hang out with friends whenever you want? When you have retirement living conveniences like housekeeping, peace of mind services like 24-hour security and emergency response, and even entertainment and outings at your disposal, you’ll know you have time to live your retirement the way you want and in an environment that can adapt to your changing needs over time. 

    Some seniors choose independent living for its affordability, convenience, and freedom. Others may choose it as a way to avoid institutionalization. 

    Independent living can provide seniors with an exciting new life — one that’s tailored specifically to their needs. 

    Independent Support Living

    If you are a senior and have no limitations in your day-to-day activities, then independent supportive living could be the best option for you. This type of service is designed for seniors who are still active and independent but may need some extra help with daily tasks. 

    Independent Support Living may include services like delicious meals, housekeeping, leisure opportunities, and outings, as well as 24-hour emergency response and access to wellness and support services like medication monitoring and administration. 

    Independent supportive living gives seniors the option to choose their own team of caregivers who can provide them with meals, housekeeping, and other services. The most common options include meal preparation, housekeeping assistance, and transportation services. 

    If you are interested in more independence while living at home, this type of service can also include assistance with personal care needs such as bathing or grooming. This can help seniors feel more comfortable in their own homes by providing them with the peace of mind that they are not left alone at any time. 

    Assisted Living 

    Assisted living services are designed to provide individuals who require daily support with a comfortable lifestyle meant to maintain or improve their quality of life. In addition to delicious and nutritious meals, specialized activities and programming, housekeeping, and 24-hour emergency response. Assisted Living may receive personalized support with aspects of their daily routine, medication administration, an escort to meals and activities, and much more. 

    This service is specially designed to support individuals who might benefit from their quality of life through daily personal care. Staff is committed to making your day comfortable and fulfilling, and to providing independence and peace of mind. Delicious and nutritious meals, professionally designed activities, cleaning and laundry, specialized exercise and rehabilitation services, and even dementia support are all available to supplement a care plan that is tailored to your specific requirements, preferences, and choices.  

    Assisted living is ideal for elderly people who want highly specialized assistance in order to live peacefully and with peace of mind.

    Memory Living 

    For seniors living with cognitive impairment, this service provides Alzheimer’s and dementia care to seniors living in retirement communities. It offers 24-hour dementia support, as well as a variety of other services, including daily meal preparation and food delivery, laundry, housekeeping, and room assistance. 

    A dedicated staff is trained in dementia support and delivers specialized activities and programming in a secure setting of the retirement community. They build strong relationships, as well as interact with, and support their family members. 

    Memory Living can be achieved through activities designed to promote healthy brain function, socialization, and mental simulation. With this, seniors get to live independently and experience positive feelings as well as peace of mind.

    Long Term Care

    Long term care offer seniors with complex medical needs or advanced stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia 24-hour nursing care, including assistance with an individual’s daily routine and high levels of personal support. Admission and funding are managed by local health authorities in each state. 

    Long term care is designed to provide you a secure environment while you remain in their homes, which may be located in a residential community or in a private home. Long term care offer both assisted living and nursing home services. In some cases, it provides round-the-clock staff and services, while others only offer limited hours of service during the day. 

    The average cost for stays at long term care varies depending on the type of service being provided and the location where you live. The cost can also vary depending on how much help you need from staff members such as nurses, psychologists, or social workers. 

    Long-term care comes in if a health condition develops that requires care and supervision. This could be home care, home care, or personal or adult day care. Many people mistakenly believe that Medicare or Medicaid cover their health care costs, but often that is not the case. Without long-term care, you may run out of savings or have no choice but to rely on a family member for care. Long-term care is worth it because it protects your assets, protects your family from financial and emotional stress, and puts you in control of your health decisions.

    With so many options, how do you select the right types of retirement plans? Talk to our agents at Simple Choice Insurance Brokerage to assist you in locating the best option within your budget.