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Who We Are

Simple Choice Insurance Brokerage (SCIB) is a service oriented company that focuses on meeting the most common health and life insurance needs of individuals and small businesses. 

We assess the needs of our clients and provide customized options based upon the information provided.  Our lines of communication with our clients are constantly open via social media, email, text,  phone calls and local events that we sponsor.

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Our Culture And Values

Diverse and Community Oriented

SCIB is a diverse and community oriented organization which is reflected in our staff. Our diverse staff is composed of professionals with backgrounds in Wellness, Human Resources, Accounting, Finance, Insurance, Engineering, Community Development and Military Service.

We maintain strong beliefs in community service with a special interest in the fight against Cancer and Wellness Programs


We strive to provide affordable assurance options for those without medical insurance.

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Our Philosophy

Simple, Caring and Excellent Service

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Insurance can be complicated. We focus on keeping it simple and assisting our clients through the process of selection and utilization of their benefits.​

We are very engaged in our community working to help meet the growing needs of our clients mentally, emotionally and financially.  We don’t advise on insurance and walk away.  We make every effort to stay engaged with our clients throughout the year via events, social media and other forms of communication. 

We consider it a privilege to serve our community by providing protection and support for the people and things we love most. 

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CEO & president

Our Training Philosophy

Agent Development

At SCIB, we appreciate and respect the life experience of each individual. We administer an experience assessment/ questionnaire on technology, presentation skills, general insurance and learning style for each new agent. This information provides each person the opportunity to tell us their interests, strengths and areas they need more support. 

We have specific requirements to be accepted into our training program. We provide two types of training.

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type a

This training is for people new to the insurance industry or people looking to get their insurance license.

type b

This training program is for agents with more than two years of experience looking to learn another type of insurance. 

Each program focuses on Marketing, Prospecting and Product knowledge, in that order. The type of program an applicant qualifies for will be determined by the assessment and the ability to attend all training class.  The training program is free as long as the attendance requirements are met.  However; if an individual fails to complete the training and scores less than 80%,  the cost of the 10 week program is $500. 

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