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10 Best Insurance Marketing Tools For 2022

Marketing is the backbone of every business, exposing your products and services to a market that needs them. It could be to double your customer base, brand awareness, or perhaps lead generation. A lot of insurance professionals would admit that marketing takes a considerable chunk of their time, which is saddening. But with the right marketing tools, it becomes much more comfortable than ever before.

Over the past few years, marketing has undergone a series of evolution, with companies like Disney, AT&A, and the rest of them spending billions of dollars yearly. You might not have billions of dollars yet, but the tools mentioned in this article would improve your efficiency and translate your hard work into profit.

1. OSI Affiliate

One of the fastest ways to double up your email list or customer base is through affiliate marketing. Sadly, a lot of individuals are yet to dabble into this aspect since it looks very technical. But with OSI affiliate software, everything becomes super easy. If you run into some problems, the company’s agents are always on standby to help.

2. Grammarly

You might not be an English major, but that is not an excuse to spew grammar errors on your website or blog. If there is one thing that repulses potential clients, it is coming across a grammar error that is so obvious. To use this software, you will have to pay $125 to $250 annually. You can integrate this tool into your desktop and mobile phone. That way, it points out errors in your content and helps you with suggestions. It is an excellent tool that would polish your marketing content and make it convert.

3. Canva

At this age, visuals are everything, which is why you need a tool that gets the job done. If you want to create a gigantic billboard, perhaps you would need the services of a graphic designer. But when it comes to blogpost images or perhaps, for an email, you might want to save cost by using Canva. With this tool, you will be able to create awesome looking images that will wow your clients. This tool is straightforward to use as it comes with tons of templates. All you have to do is click to edit either the text or replace the image. So easy that even a grandma stuck in the 80s can pull it off without hassles.

4. Google Analytics

Another incredible insurance marketing tool you mustn’t do without is GA. With this tool, you will be able to ascertain where your clients are coming from, their time zone, and their favorite device. Not only that, but you will also get an idea of the search terms used to discover your site and your top pages. This insight would help you formulate a better strategy for your SEO and marketing campaigns. Installing Google Analytics on your website is pretty straightforward. However, you can get a more experienced person to handle it if you think the processes are cumbersome.

5. Live Chat

There are tons of live chat software or plugins that you can use. With this tool, potential clients can connect with you immediately, without having to wait for hours. Once they log into your website, this feature should be on either the left or right side of the screen. In case they have any questions, they would quickly contact you for guidance. There are lots of free live chat plugins or apps. One of the top free ones are Pure Chat, and it is free to use. Aside from helping connect to your visitors, it also gives your insight on users’ activity on your website, which can be very beneficial.

6. SEMRush

As an insurance company or agent, one of the crucial aspects you should not neglect is SEO. Competition exists in the industry, with tons of other insurance firms trying to dominate the front page of search engine results. To up your game and be in the market, you need to invest in a tool like SEMRush. With this tool, you can run audits on your website, which tends to expose some weaknesses and errors in your website. These errors, if not fixed, would affect your overall performance. Not only that, but you will also learn the ideal keywords to target, and the keywords your competitors are using.

7. Advertising Platforms

Another marketing tool you should have in your arsenal is a list of incredible advertising platforms. After you have successfully set up your website and waiting for SEO to kick in, you shouldn’t hesitate to explore other means of traffic generation like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, etc. Social media marketing is one of the most popular marketing strategies, and it would also help your insurance company to attract clients. Master how to create an incredible ad copy for the best result.

8. Email and Newsletter Services

Email marketing is not dead. The fact is, about 90% of internet users have an email address, and you can leverage that to promote your products and services. With email marketing and automation, you will be able to market to an audience that has an interest in the services you offer. You can use the tool for autoresponders sequences, sales funnels, and lead follows up. One of the best tools as regards to email marketing is MailerLiteAweberGetResponseMailChimp, etc.

9. Business Cards

As an insurance company or agent, one thing that must be with you at all times is your business cards. It would become relevant when you meet potential clients, perhaps in a meeting, conference, or any social gathering. Get a good graphic designer to design something straightforward and professional for your business.

10. Evernote

With this incredible tool, you will become more productive and efficient in your endeavors. You ever come across a quote or blog post that you love so much? With a tool like Evernote, you can save these pieces of data for later use.

Wrapping Up!

There is numerous insurance marketing tool that you can use to skyrocket your business and generate more clients. Most of them are free and would improve your efficiency, content creation, and translate your marketing works into dollars.

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