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Vision Insurance Plan

What is covered by vision insurance plans? Is it actually needed? See the answers here and how Simple Choice can be of assistance to you and your loved ones.

Does Medicare cover vision insurance plans?

Just like the dental planadditional vision and hearing coverage may be available through Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C) that are not included in Original Medicare. 

The purpose of vision insurance plans is to assist you in budgeting for continuing vision care costs such as yearly eye exams, prescription glasses, and contact lenses. Vision insurance can be purchased apart from health insurance or even in combination with other supplemental plans, such as a dental plan.

Although normal eye care is not covered by Original Medicare, persons who are at high risk for glaucoma are eligible for one annual preventative vision screening under Medicare Part B.

What does vision insurance plan cover?

Vision plans typically cover a portion of the following basic services:

  • Annual eye examination
  • Eyeglass lenses
  • Eyeglass frames
  • Contact lenses
  • Transition lenses
  • Discounts on prescription sunglasses  
  • Discounted LASIK and PRK vision correction procedures

These services help maintain your vision health and detect early problems related to your vision so interventions and medications are applied immediately. During each examination, your eye doctor also looks for significant eye conditions including glaucoma and cataracts. Annual checkups are crucial for reasons other than just reading eye charts, as optometrists and ophthalmologists may find early signs of diabetes and cancer during a normal eye exam.

Your specific vision plan may have a limit on how frequently it will pay for lenses and frames, such as annually or every two years. 

How to get a vision insurance plan?

You can purchase vision insurance plans in two ways:

1. Standalone vision insurance plans

Avail classic coverage for eye exams, glasses, contacts, and other essential items through a private company.

2. Combined dental and vision insurance plans

You can get vision care plan features including routine eye exams, allowances for prescription glasses and contacts, and discounts on other vision treatments by adding a vision insurance rider to your dental insurance plan. The good thing about it is that there is no open enrollment for vision, so you can purchase it any time of the year.

Vision Insurance Plans

Talk to our agents and discover more about adding a vision rider to a dental plan to provide vision coverage. Simple Choice Insurance Brokerage agents can help you look for plans that suit your needs.

Is vision plan worth it?

Your vision can be improved with yearly tests and precise changes to your prescription eyewear. You can address bothersome eye conditions including itchy, dry, or light-sensitive eyes during your yearly appointment to the optometrist or ophthalmologist. Your eye doctor may provide services that are covered by your health or vision insurance policy.

It may be worthwhile to get vision care plans if you or members of your family wear corrective lenses and require routine eye exams and adjustments to your eye lens prescription. 

So, just like dental insurance, a vision care plan helps you save money for eye-related problems and medications.  Check the video added below to learn more.