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Over a decade ago, I made a drastic and emotional decision to become an insurance agent. I had just lost my grandmother and great aunt within a few hours of each other. I was not happy with how they were taken care of; I was hurt by what my family had to go through to provide for their care. 

I chose to leave corporate America and become an advocate for the most vulnerable populations in America: the minorities and immigrants.  The journey was difficult because of culture and the lack of education about preventive care and the utilization of health insurance.  These factors were compounded by access to affordable health insurance. 

After spending many years and a lot of money navigating the healthcare industry and understanding the psychology of various cultures, it became clear that there is a shortage of “caring insurance agents” to provide support to the most disadvantaged populations in America.  The fact shows that there are better outcomes in care and care selection when provided by individuals with similar cultural and ethnic backgrounds. 

Based on data, experience, and available resources, I decided to help others start their own insurance agency in the communities that need it the most.   

This is an 18-month process where our team helps one start and grow their own insurance agency, and we fund or reimburse many of the costs associated with starting a new business. 

Simple Choice Insurance Brokerage PLLC will host a virtual event on June 16, 2022, to provide more details about the process of starting your own insurance agency.  Over time, this could be a six to seven figure opportunity; however, it will take time.  It is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  

Want to start your own insurance brokerage?

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June 16th 2022

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Are you life and health insurance agent struggling to make ends meet or feel unsupported by your upline?  We’re here for you!  

We know the experience of no training, no leads, and no guidance.  Please click the link below to register and learn more about how you can become a part of Simple Choice Insurance Brokerage PLLC. 

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Laquentin Jenkins CEO Simple Choice

It was nice to meet you at the Black Equity Conference in Miami.  If there is anything I can do to assist you, please let me know! 

We sponsor individuals to start their own insurance agencies.  We offer Life, Health, Annuities, and Long-term care insurance to individuals and small businesses. 

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LaQuentin Jenkins