Breast Cancer and Work

Reducing your Risk: Getting Active at Work

Though there’s no way to prevent breast cancer, we do know that certain lifestyles and behaviors could increase your risk, such as smoking, drinking alcohol in excess, or being inactive.

Breast Cancer

Weight gain and being overweight are commonly recognized risk factors for breast cancer, which is why protective measures like healthy diets and daily exercise are so important. Reduce your risk for breast cancer by trading in your sedentary work habits for these active alternatives.

Keep the conversation moving.

Instead of chatting around the water cooler or lounging in the break room, catch up with colleagues while on the go. Small talk while strolling the office will burn calories—and it will deter you from indulging in that extra cup of coffee loaded with sugar and cream or the high-calorie cake being shared by your coworkers.


Bring the workout with you.

Keep a set of hand weights at your desk, and tone your arm and shoulder muscles while you are reading e-mails or browsing the internet. Alternate between bicep curls and triceps kickbacks; do 3 sets of 12 reps with each arm. Before you head out to lunch, combine arm extensions with squats to intensify the workout.

Exercise at work

Don’t be desk-bound.

When work tasks allow, get out of your chair, and move your body. Pace around the office while brainstorming ideas. Encourage your colleagues to stand during conferences, or hold meetings outside where you can chat while walking around the parking lot. The change in movement and scenery will also help stimulate creative thinking!

Work outside

Disclaimer: Content taken from American Lifestyle Magazine, compliments of LaQuentin Jenkins, President, and CEO of Simple Choice Insurance Brokerage.