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Dental Coverage Plan

Maintaining good dental health is essential for having a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums. Simple Choice makes it easy to find an affordable dental plan. Allow us to help. 

Dental Coverage

Does Medicare cover dental insurance plan?

Taking care of our teeth and gums should be a priority, however many dental procedures are not covered by Medicare (including procedures and supplies like cleanings, fillings, tooth extractions, dentures, dental plates, or other dental devices).

Fortunately, additional dental coverage may be available through Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C) that are not included in Original Medicare. Original Medicare may fund dental services if you were hospitalized with jaw, teeth, or mouth damage. Original Medicare may cover dental treatment. Check out the table given below: 

Dental Plan Table Comparison


For more details, please get in touch with your Simple Choice health agent.

How do you obtain dental coverage if Medicare does not cover it?

If you have a Medicare plan that works for you but does not include dental coverage, here are the options you can consider for dental coverage.

1. Purchase a separate dental insurance plan.

A standalone dental plan can be purchased from a private insurance company. There are numerous types of dental insurance plans to choose from, most of which have low monthly premiums. Basic dental plans may provide coverage for preventive dental care at a lower monthly cost. Deductibles, copays, and coinsurance are common features of standalone dental plans.

2. Look for a walk-in dental clinic.

There are reasonably priced walk-in dentistry clinics in several cities. You might be able to obtain affordable dental care, even if you have to pay out of cash, depending on where you live and what kind of dental treatments you require.

3. Consult the health department in your state.

You might be able to find information on where to receive affordable dental treatment in your area on the oral health page of your state’s department of health.

Why is dental insurance plan important?

Living a healthy life includes maintaining good oral health. Researchers are still finding relationships between oral and general health. When oral health issues persist, dangerous bacteria can enter the circulation and worsen diseases including diabetes and heart disease.

Dentists examine patients’ overall health and look for problems with their oral health during an examination. Early health problem detection can reduce the cost of medical care. Hence, dental insurance allows you to save money. Talk to one of our agents to explore your options today.